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Most restaurants, food shops, goodwills and other services deemed essential in this time of crisis do not currently have access to a simple and flexible information, advertising, and online ordering service. Miitems has decided to redirect an ongoing project to offer a powerful free platform meeting this need for anybody who wishes to join us. Pre-existing businesses are more than welcome to join.

3 easy steps before you trade

  1. Add your business by filling out the online form.
  2. Confirm your registration and download the free Miitems App by automatic email from
  3. Add your items and your company logo via the website or through the free Miitems App. The items can be your hot meals for delivery, your ready-to-go meals, your ready-to-cook kits, your delivery service as well as any other relevant services in these difficult times.

- In the "my items" section, click on "add an item"
- Add a photo, a title, a short description, a price by choosing your enterprise name in the "publish as" field and repeat the operation for each of your items

- In the "my enterprise" section, add your logo using the "edit" function. Save your logo and the "my enterprise" section up to date.

Let your customers know they can order from you now